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Using AfterIncorporation as a Due Diligence Dataroom

Normally, you limit access to your company’s information to insiders like your directors, existing investors and your trusted advisors.  There are times, however, when you want to allow access to others for a limited period of time.  This could make sense in the following situations:

You are selling your business and want to provide information to potential buyers conducting due diligence
You are considering bringing on a partner or additional shareholders
You are conducting a debt financing, and your lender has requested more fulsome information

If you already use AfterIncorporation, much of the information that is typically provided in these circumstances is already posted to your Company’s account.  And of course you can post additional information in the “Documents” section if there are other pieces of information you wish to make available.  We can even customize AfterIncorporation’s document categories to aid you in this effort.

The benefits to using AfterIncorporation as a simple but effective electronic dataroom are obvious.  A clear record of the information provided will then exist.  You will be confident that all parties involved will have received the same information.  Also, AfterIncorporation’s built in ability to manage access and roles leaves you in charge when it comes to how much access reviewers have and for how long it will be given.

Of course, care should be taken to make sure that these third parties have signed non-disclosure agreements.  There are forms provided on AfterIncorporation’s forms and resources page, but you will want to consult with your lawyer to be confident one of our forms is appropriate to your situation.

Feel free to reach out to us at service@afterincorporation.com to set up a time to discuss how this process might be conducted using AfterIncorporation’s tools.