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Crowdfunding Rules

On October 30, 2015, the SEC released its long-anticipated crowd-funding rules.  For the first time, companies will be able to raise equity funding from the general public over the Internet.  The opportunity for small businesses is revolutionary.

That said, taking advantage of this new funding pathway is not going to be easy.  The stack of rules is thick.  (The SEC’s adopting release is 685 pages long!)  Companies will want to find cost effective ways of being organized and ready to take advantage of the new rules when they take effect next year.

Can AfterIncorporation help?  Absolutely.  We are here for small businesses and their lawyers.  Over the coming days, we will post a series of short articles with tips on making use of the new rules.  We will also explain how AfterIncorporation’s online minute-book and share register tools are critical for putting small businesses in a ready state to participate.  Think of us as the quickbooks for corporate law compliance.